Public Presentations


Dr. Johnson gives presentations on the psychological nature of dogmatism. In her talks, she surveys the 13 features of this personality trait and presents influential developmental factors that shape its trajectory. The format and time frame of her presentations can be modified to suit the general public, special interest groups, and academic scholars. She can narrow her focus to specific areas of application that include, for example, dogatism in politics and government, in religion, in the business world, in personal relationships, or in education (where we least expect to find it).

Types of Audience:

Please indicate your preferred presentation length in hours, and whether you would like time for audience Q&A.

For further information on professional presentations or media interviews about What's So Wrong With Being Absolutely Right: The Dangerous Nature of Dogmatic Belief, contact Judy J. Johnson via e-mail.

Public/Academic Presentations and Interviews Include:



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